Tips to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Fleet

Tips to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Fleet

Tires are an essential part of the vehicle. If your journey was smooth, then the reason behind it was the tough tyres. However, not all tyres are the same. Each location requires different tyres for the fleet to run smoothly without experiencing any road bumps. Dubai is a country that has challenging terrains along with smooth highways. The safety of the driver and the fleet is another reason why it is crucial to select the right tyres for your fleet.

We often make the same mistake over and over again while choosing the tyres for your vehicle. Even safer is to have GPS tracking fleet management installed into your vehicle. The best tyres are the ones that are long-lasting, tough, and affordable. To help you understand your fleet tyres better, we have listed a few tips that will help you to choose the right tyres for your fleet.

Tread Pattern

Speaking of the excellent performance of the fleet, we must focus on the tread pattern of the tyres. The tread pattern plays a significant role in deciding your smooth journey. For different weather conditions, the fleet must use appropriate tread patterns. There are three kinds of tread patterns-

Conventional tread, Uni-directional tread, and Asymmetric tread.
If your fleet runs through water-logged areas, then the conventional tread is the best. It channels the water away from the tyres while driving through the water-logged areas.

The Unidirectional tread pattern is best suitable for tyres that are meant to rotate in a single direction.

Asymmetric tread patterns are for high-speed lovers and have two designs. One is facing the outside road and the other on the inside wall facing the car.

Tyre Types


Highway tyres are made to withstand rough pavements the fleet moves on. These types of tyres are primarily driven on pavements and used for off-roading. They can withstand all climatic conditions and provide better performance.


These tyres are mainly used for heavy-duty trucks. They comprise aggressive tread patterns and can easily balance on gravel or sand roads. However, they maintain a low grip compared to the highway tyres.

Mud Terrain

These big block tyres have a good grip and are perfect for off-roading in mud, slush terrains. It is highly advisable to avoid using these tyres for normal roads as they are not designed for on-road trips.

Tyre Size

Since tyres are one of the essential parts of the fleet, it is necessary to choose the right size. Not every tyre size is suitable for all fleets. On-road, there are many fleets, from heavy-duty to light vehicles, and all these vehicles have different criteria for tyres. Adding heavy tyres to the fleet can affect the vehicle’s speed, hampering fuel efficiency and even extra steering effort.

In Conclusion

Getting to your destination safe and sound must be a driver’s-first priority. And when you have the right and appropriate tyres installed for your fleet along with fleet GPS tracking software, you are in safe hands.