More than 30 types of reports

Our GPS tracking system is adjustable and includes at list 30 different types of reports so you can create them automatically or make your own ones regarding your criteria.

You can monitor driving actions and analyze behavior such as emergency and hard braking, quick acceleration, sharp cornering, long time idling with turned on air-condition, excessive speeding, etc. GPS tracking system allows to create graph reports to show you behavior of your drivers and provide safety of your product, fleet, staff and other employees. Analyze of drivers behavior will help business owners to determine risky drivers, cut down fuel costs for the company increase security and safety.


Activity Report


GeoZone Report


Speed Report

speed report

The report on speed is designed to display speed charts, including the date, time and name of an object.

Fuel Report

fuel report

The fuel report generates a graph illustrating the consumption of fuel by an object and includes information on the total odometer, total fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, and the amount of fuel filled and drained off.

Report Builder

report builder

The report builder is designed to assist you in generating reports to your own specifications.

Consolidated Report

report builder

Eco Driving Control from

report builder

Equipment Report

report builder

Equipment Work on Days

report builder

Mileage Report

report builder


Speed Report

report builder

Summary Mileage Report

report builder

Trips and Parkings Report

report builder

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