Professional GPS Fleet Tracking System and Management Solutions

Professional GPS fleet control and management solutions

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Your quest for a reliable, professional, and affordable partner for a GPS tracker in Dubai ends here at We are headquartered in UAE and provide a robust all-in-one solution for your fleet management needs. It makes fleet operations safer, more effective, and enhances quality. Understanding the myriad needs of our customers is a critical component of our service offering. Therefore, we take full ownership of every project we execute and support all our installations with minimal downtime and round-the-clock availability. Composed of highly trained professionals, together, we strive to help clients realize the full potential of technology through our high-performance vehicle tracking systems in Dubai that deliver uncompromised reliability.

The process involved in running a business, irrespective of size, can often be challenging. This is especially when dealing with tracking a fleet of vehicles. Without knowledge of the vehicle’s location, tracking it or finding the shortest route to it may be impossible. It then leads to time consumption, high fuel costs, excessive mileage, and wear and tear. For this reason, a fleet management tracking system becomes vital. We empower you with the most efficient real-time tracking device, which allows you to offer enhanced services to your customers, outpace competitors, and take your business a notch higher.

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Most organizations find it challenging to monitor their vehicle fleet effectively. With our GPS fleet tracking system and management solutions in UAE, we help companies easily manage their vehicles and ensure a fully functional and efficiently-running business.


Basic functions:

  • – Our fleet tracking system offers real-time monitoring of speed, routes, and location.
  • – Our GPS tracker allows monitoring of parking and stops points.
  • – Our GPS tracker provides a history of all the routes taken in Dubai.
  • – Our GPS tracker provides a comfortable interface to track with smartphones or PC.
  • – Receive SMS or email alerts when the car tracker leaves a specific area, exceeds the speed limit, or other alerts based on the parameters set beforehand.
  • – It records information of vehicle idle time and bad driving habits of the driver.

Additional functions:

  • – Monitor petrol parameters through the GPS systems.
  • – Determine speed limit for the vehicle.
  • – The fleet management GPS tracker provides data on fuel consumed using a wireless fuel level sensor.
  • – The fleet management GPS tracker provides engine rotational rate.
  • – Monitor the accelerator pedal’s position.

Driver’s identification:

How It Works

Industry-Specific Solutions

GPS Fleet Control – Frequently Asked Questions

– What systems will the tracker integrate with?

It is highly compatible with both smartphones and PC. So irrespective of your business size and type, tracking and monitoring the vehicle is now made simple and hassle-free.

– Will I receive alerts at all times?

Yes, whether it is a change in route or increase in speed, you will instantly be alerted of such information. This makes vehicle tracking a safe and effective solution to manage your fleet.

– How does the device work?

The tracker is integrated with GPS technology. It uses Global Navigation Satellites, which provides you with real-time insights on the vehicle’s status.

– What are some of the advantages of using the tracking device?

There are a number of advantages provided, ranging from lowered maintenance costs and better understanding of mileage to increased employee efficiency and offering outstanding customer support.

– Is it simple to use the fleet management system?

We’re proud to deliver a GPS for vehicle tracking that’s both intuitive and user-friendly. However, if you continue to have problems, please contact our experts, who will be happy to assist you.

– Does the tracking device assure driver’s safety? If yes, how is it made possible?

If your driver goes above the speed limit, you will instantly be notified. You can then warn your driver accordingly. Apart from this, you also get real-time location update which will be useful during an emergency.

– Will I be notified in case someone tampers the device?

Yes, you will be instantly notified, which is what makes it the best GPS tracking system for vehicles in UAE. In fact, you will also be made aware when you are unable to receive GPS data or if the device is disconnected from the vehicle.

– How can I say if fleet tracking GPS software is right for my company? provides a dependable and one of the best car tracking systems in the UAE, built with the customer in mind, compatible with fleet companies and adaptable to your needs. It’s a wise investment that will increase your fleet’s worth.



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