Ultimate Checklist to Keep Your Fleet Ready for Winter

Ultimate Checklist to Keep Your Fleet Ready for Winter

Winter in Dubai can get a bit tricky and can affect the fleet on the road. If proper precautions are not taken by the vehicle owners, driving in the winter can be dangerous. Most of the time, the weather, especially during the winter, can be unpredictable, and hence it is essential to keep your fleet ready for the winter season. The oil from the engine, lubricants, and coolants dry in the cold weather. If these fluids are not changed or checked, the vehicle drops in performance level and fuel efficiency. Maintenance is the key solution to avoid such losses and having the GPS tracking fleet management installed is an added benefit. Before we have put together a few tips that will help you and your fleet get through the winter season smoothly without any hassle.

Rotate the Tyres During Winter

When the chill winds hit the warm desserts of Dubai, it is time to prepare your fleet to be winter-ready. One way to maintain the fleet’s performance and avoid breakdowns is to rotate the tires, check the pressure, and add lug treads to the ribs to keep the vehicle updated. During the winter, a lot of moisture and ice gets formed in the tyre cap valves. Checking them regularly and changing them whenever needed will keep your fleet’s tyres stable.

Check the Battery Connection

You do not want to be stranded in the middle of a busy highway with a dead and drained battery. During the winter, batteries consume a lot of energy due to the cold engine. Before starting the journey, it is important to monitor the battery and keep track of the charge. Check the connections of the battery terminals and ensure they are clean and free of ice water. Any voltage that is less than 12 volts requires your attention with a battery recharge.

Monitor the Brake Fluids

Brakes of the vehicle are what keeps us safe during sudden accidents or road bumps. They are the most crucial element of the vehicle. Driving a fleet without proper breaks means risking your own life and that of the other on the road. Winter brings in a lot of cold and icy winds that freeze the brake lines inside the fleet’s filters and air dryers. When monitoring the brake fluids, it is best to apply lubrication like grease to the brake adjusters from further corrosion from water.

Check the Electric System

During the winter, most people use the car heater to keep the temperature warm inside the vehicle. Other systems that need to be checked are the window defroster and fleet lights. Ensure proper power is supplied to the electric system so all the systems that keep the fleet warm work accurately. It is highly recommended to check and monitor the fleet maintenance before the start of the winter.

Installing GPS Tracking Fleet Management

It is the best fleet management to keep an up check on the necessary changes that the vehicle requires. Its top AI fleet management helps track down any maintenance work that requires immediate attention with the changing weather condition and wear and tear of the vehicle. Having the fleet GPS tracking software installed into the fleet enables unnecessary breakdowns and maintenance work.